Roman Holiday…sort of

I admit, I studied Italian for two semesters with the same intention as most college girls; to study abroad in Italy, meet a hunky Italian and party with friends. Check, check and check

Now, three years after my 5-week Italian course in Rome, the connections and friends I made their have lead me to my next professional endeavor; a 3-month internship with the Rome bureau of the Associated Press.

After going through the recruitment process, my advice would be this; if you have language skills, and are intimidated out of your mind to go through the intensive AP recruiting process in the U.S., try cold emailing a bureau chief in a different country, that’s what I did.

A  Roman friend of mine sent me the name of the Rome bureau chief, Victor Simpson. So I found his email address easily enough from the site and emailed him saying something to the effect of “I speak Italian, follow Italian news and would greatly appreciate any advice you have on pursuing a career path similar to yours.” He emailed me back detailing their internship program and forwarded my inquiry to their internship coordinator.

A resume and a five minute phone interview later, I had the gig. So, to all my bilingual or trilingual friends, think outside the U.S. box for those big news agency opportunities, the back door may be bigger than the front.


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