Colorful News

Every now and again, as you pour over news items of the week or day, you come across what one of my mentors calls a ‘man-eating crocodile’ story. It’s a story that completely leaves behind the world of politics, bureaucracy and public figures, to reside in place where truth is stranger than fiction.

For me personally, it spices up an otherwise monotonous stream of Senate reports, whether reports, and reports of Berlusconi’s many indiscretions (both professional and private).

One of my internly duties is to keep ‘a constant eye’ on the several international newswires to pick up anything of use to the reporters. Mind you I’m glancing at a long list of headlines in 11 pt. type in both English in Italian. The brain will eventually emulsify on such a visual diet.

So then I see it, ANSA (Italian news wire) reports that two youths in Spain resorted to using plastic bags in place of condoms, resulting in the intervention of medics who had to then ‘detach’ the bag from the female.

I mean, that’ll wake your eyes up. I don’t know whether to mock them for being so ignorant as to what constitutes an adequate contraceptive, or applaud them for going to such links to practice safe sex.

Ah, the ingenuity of desperation.

Later on when asking a superior (one I knew wouldn’t be horrified) if he had read the story, he casually responded “you really must have been bored.”

Nay I say!

Well, maybe, but if being bored means knowing everything that’s happening at the moment and getting to digest a morsel like today’s condom story then I say; bring on the boredom!

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4 responses to “Colorful News

  1. judy e lanning

    Well, Suzanne, leave it to you to find the funniest story.

  2. I think you misspelled “weather” in the first part where you say “whether reports”
    Love your style – it denotes great creative embrace of the wild world of journalism

  3. Effing awesome, darling!

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