So, the lottery story, the source of all my feelings of inadequacy in the last 36 hours (read previous post), has now turned into a defining moment in my pre-pubescent journalism career!

The story made it to the New York Times, and who’s name should appear at the bottom as contributor? MINE!!!!! MY NAME IS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Here’s the link if your interested. Pardon my silliness 🙂

Italy’s Record Lotto Jackpot Climbs to Euro135.9m


13 responses to “Success!!

  1. Congratu-effing-lations! I feel you on the your earlier post… I can’t count how many times I swaggered into the newsroom thinking “I OWN this thing,” then flubbing something so simple and getting the journalism 101 treatment.

    Oh well, paying our dues, right? Gotta show them we’ve got skin thick enough to take a tongue lashing from an editor, and enough tenacity to pick ourselves up and go back out there and get it done right.

    And if you do that, who knows? Your byline may just appear in the New York Times.

    • Suzanne Edwards

      Such wisdom. If we can’t dish about our experiences to each other over pad thai, at least I can count on you for my daily enlightenment shot 😉 via comment and reply.
      I guess i did get a little overly confident at the beginning, again a rookie mistake!

  2. Oh Suzanna! I am so proud. I read the article and almost melted when I got to the quote you worked so hard to find. I want to print this out and scream to my coworkers with pride, “MY friend wrote this!!”

    So proud. Love you.

  3. OH MY GOD, SUZANNE!!!!! THAT IS SO FABULOUS THAT I REFUSE TO TURN CAPS LOCK OFF!!! I’M JUMPING FOR JOY FOR YOU, AND NOW LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU, BECAUSE ITS MY DREAM TO BE IN THE NYT, TOO. but not as an author. i want them to come photography my ridiculously fabulous home, which will never happen in a million years. WHICH IS WHY THIS IS EVEN MORE EXCITING! YOUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! congratulations!!

    • Suzanne Edwards

      Oh ladies, the truly heart-melting thing is that yall keep up with me. I can feel you all the way across the big pond 🙂

  4. So happy and proud of you! 🙂

  5. Wow! (Sorry, that ancient expression of excitement is all I can muster right now.) The NYT! Your dad proudly shared your blog link with me. A few years from now I’ll be able to say, “Oh, THAT journalist? I used to read her blog when she was an intern. She was fabulous even then.”

  6. Kisses! You are impressive, keep on writing and keep me posted!

  7. CONGRATS! My famous writer-friend! Awesome 🙂

  8. You are honest—what a wonderful gift to the world of blogging. We miss you in Texas but look forward to the next by-line. Count me as a committed fan!

  9. I am exceedingly proud 🙂

  10. Suzanne–please watch today’s (8/18/09) PBS interview with Alex Jones (New York Times reporter)—his new book, Losing the News, sounds like a must read for striving new reporter named Suzanne!

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