Um, what should I be doing again?

So things are uneasy for a young intern who wants to be proactive in a period that is historically devoid of news demands.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the month of August is a general dead period when everyone with the means to do so takes flight to holiday destinations outside of Rome.

The interns work in eight our shifts, and during August, we’re lucky to receive even one research or confirmation request from the news desk in the entirety of those eight hours.

So let’s be generous and say one request takes two hours to satisfy, whether it be confirming facts or finding contacts or researching general background. That still leaves us with a mind-numbing six hours to fill.

I try to keep my eye on the prize by doing extra, and by all accounts unnecessary, research on the articles that I see the news desk working on.

In some cases such efforts are met with disinterest, in rarer cases the effort backlashes and is denounced as an unnecessary waste of time.

So, my respectful (and totally non verbal) response is , “right, um, what should I be doing again?”

I keep hearing from just about everyone, supervisor included, that things pick up significantly in September, and I surely hope that’s true.

Between the few arid requests and hammering away at the Internet for unnecessary background research, I know there’s something I can be doing with the down time.

So I put it to you all:

When times at work are dead, but you don’t want to resemble a zombie,

zombie face

zombie face

what are some office tasks that won’t annoy anyone but can be of benefit to everyone?

I eagerly await your feedback.


2 responses to “Um, what should I be doing again?

  1. archives?

  2. Aside from the fact that I of course commiserate and understand this post entirely, I would also like to make some suggestions:

    1) Plan super fun outings for you and me šŸ™‚
    2) Blog!!
    3) Stalk news wires and be the most up-to-date intern in Europe
    4) Write your scholarship personal statement. I know from accidental discoveries of past interns’ CV/personal statements that you would not be the first!
    5) Try to stay motivated! There are and will be some who do and will appreciate your enthusiasm. I promise.

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