A Day of Solitude at Work

Today, our SLOT person, or news desk editor for the day, was working from some remote location for the morning shift, So basically, it still being a holiday in Rome, I had the office all to myself.

When left to my own devices, I of course turn to keeping all my beloved in the loop as best I can. Here’s the latest video update using my digital still camera, as my Sony hand cam 1080 continues to enrage me. Enjoy!!


4 responses to “A Day of Solitude at Work

  1. This is precious and you look FABULOUS! Which is almost a shame, since there’s no one at the office to admire you, but at least you’ve let all of us ogle you from across the world!

    Keep these amazing little videos coming, please!

  2. Ditto to BJ’s comment! How precious are you? Love it!

    I’m so glad to get to “see you” in Rome. I’m loving this inside look into your daily adventures.

    Love and miss you.

  3. My favorite part:

    “.. (sigh) this is August (sigh).”

    Next time you make an amazing expose (in the office or anywhere) you BETTER call me.

    Intern love,

    • Suzanne Edwards

      Twas a spontaneous decision cara mia, obviously the real office expose is coming, you know which one I’m talking about 😉 We’re gonna have to celebrate August’s end and September’s beginning when it finally gets here.

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