I’m a RomAmerican!

Below is another video entry on wading the waters of reporting on Italy while my gaze is afixed to the US. This video post was right before Obama addressed Congress on health care reform on Wednesday Sept. 9th. My views haven’t changed, I merely wish the President were even more forthcoming with details of the plan. I feel we are all ready to end the bickering and get on to the coping phase of this reform.

Link to CNN story on the 75 immigrants lost at sea on their way to Italy


2 responses to “I’m a RomAmerican!

  1. Wow.

    First and foremost, you so often reverberate my own thoughts and echo my feelings that I am pretty convinced you are in fact my soulmate.

    I am sorry to see that you do look a bit sad, but I grieve with you and, more than likely, for the same reasons. At least we’re in it together.

    My favorite part of this video is definitely, “not that I’m a foreign correspondent… yet (wink).”

    I also really appreciated what you said about the lack of coverage on illegal immigrant deaths and excruciatingly over-covered Berlusconi scandal. It bothers me that it hasn’t gotten more media attention, and that we didn’t cover it either. I asked in the office why we weren’t following the story and was told, “Because it happens pretty much everyday.” Hmm…. and Berlusconi escort stories don’t?

    Also, you can unabashedly say that you are primarily invested in American affairs. We’re Americans and we care about our country; there is nothing to be ashamed of for that. It’s natural to follow our own country’s media a lot–especially because our news does seem to have such a wider breadth of coverage (for crying out loud!!!!).

    Keep on truckin’ darlin, someday soon you’ll be a rock star foreign correspondent like the world has never seen.

    • Thank you for joining your keen comments with my post. I was sad for the seeming lack of public investment in the immigrant deaths, but all audiences the world over suffer the same detachment in one form or another.
      That’s why I feel so privileged to be working in news, because it continuously renews the opportunity to be re-awakened to something long-standing or repetitive.
      I wish we had the time and resources to venture off and do our own freelance reporting, such free time is not as ample as I had previously fantasized. Long-live freelance journalists for this exact reason, even though they haul a difficult load, it’s often a freer load.
      Can’t wait to see your beaming insightful face on CNN World or the BBC one day!

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